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Friday, March 26, 2010

Farmer's Markets

Yesterday we went to our local farmer's market. It's nestled in between a strip mall and a busy boulevard, not the most picturesque place for a market BUT, once I'm there surrounded by the bursting colors and smells and flavors of the season, I feel transported. Maybe not to Tuscany or Provence (wouldn't it be a delight to wander THOSE markets), but it's wonderful just the same that the farmers drive in from Oxnard and the mountains with their delicious treasures.

I bought some strawberries that are as big as apricots and as red as lipstick; I splurged on some orange and yellow tulips that practically sing "spring is here!"; we got some artichokes and potatoes and avocados; sampled blood oranges and other exotic fruits. The smells of roasting meats and peanuts are overpowering, and made us drool (even though we're mostly avoiding meat these days, it's hard to resist the primal urge to dive into a dripping piece of succulent flesh!).

I love seeing the colorful produce and people, and would have stayed longer had my $20 not disappeared all too soon. But I look forward to next week when I can get more fresh goodies... maybe I'll bring my Mom when she's here, she loves the California markets too :)


  1. I want some of those strawberries! I haven't been to the farmer's market in too long...thanks for the reminder:)

  2. It all sounds PERFECT! Except for the flesh of course... ;)


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