Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pretty prism

Today I delighted my very own Pollyanna moment. As I was walking into the master bathroom to fetch yet another roll of toilet paper to blow my nose, I was feeling about as grumpy as a wet hen -- when I looked down at a little piece of art, a small unassuming cross that I had placed on the edge of the bathtub. I noticed a perfect beam of sunlight streaming through the window nearby, and so I moved the pale green crystal an inch until it was in the light -- and suddenly a dozen tiny rainbows exploded into the room. I caught my breath at the beauty, my ordinary bathroom momentarily transformed into something glorious -- feeling a bit like Indiana Jones must've felt when the staff of Ra hit the light. Or like the grumpy old man in Pollyanna who turned into a little kid when Pollyanna showed him how an ordinary lampshade could be his own personal prism maker. And just like those old lampshades, it made me smile that my little cross was only a few inches away from becoming something truly spectacular...all it needed was a little shove into the light. It made me think about untapped potential and about the importance of putting yourself out there if you really want to shine. And it made me thankful for all those wonderful people along the way who have given me little shoves in the right direction when I needed some help finding the light.
But mostly it was just really pretty, and that was nice:)


  1. In the words of that little kid in the SUV commercial whose dad moves her from the back row of seat to the middle row of seats and she gets to see out the sunroof for the first time, "WOWWWW!"; that had to be an amazing experience! Your allegories and word pictures put me there...thanks for sharing your observations so well! Have a GR8 day...and I will agree with you for those allergies to be "toast."

  2. Rainbows from an old Listerine bottle. Spectacular from the ordinary.

  3. I totally forgot about that scene in Pollyanna, but this brought it right back! Love it


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