Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summery Saturday

I'm grateful for unpredictable weather.

Yesterday, we went down the coast to Manhattan beach. It's been unseasonably warm, even at the ocean it was at least 80 degrees. We read at a little grassy park overlooking the beach, and then walked the Strand and marveled at every shape, size and color of dogs and people out and about -- biking, rollerblading, beach volleyballing, surfing, swimming, eating ice cream, snapping pictures. It really felt like July in the middle of March. We had a happy hour beer at an Irish bar, and then treated ourselves to a do-it-yourself-fro-yo. I got Red Velvet, mmm. Is anything better?!

Then we walked on the pier and saw a school of dolphins waving hello. It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon, and I'm getting excited for sundresses and picnics and the Hollywood Bowl and Shakespeare in the park, and all things summer! Although I don't want it to come TOO that day happens to coincide with me getting one year older :( :)


  1. Well I'm glad this weather is being kind to someone! It sounds like it was an absolutely lovely day...hooray:)

  2. The Strand! Looking forward to some warm days and perfect body surfing waves!!


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