Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green

I found an unexpected joy in the color green today. I loved seeing all the kids on the playground we drove past this afternoon in their varying shades of green clothing, lime stripes and jade plaids hoping not to be pinched. I would go overboard in elementary school on St. Patrick's Day, there would be no risk of the dreaded pinch for me: green socks, underwear with flowers with little green leaves, green shirt under a green sweater and on top of it all, a shamrock sticker over my heart...if they had had green nail polish back then like Lindsay wore today, and if I could've actually worn it out the door without my mom noticing, I would've totally rocked that look too:)
I had beautiful green peas with dinner tonight, not the canned mushy pea-green color, but a brilliant kelly green that seemed to be like spring wrapped in a convenient bite-sized morsel. I saw a battalion of bunnies hopping across a verdant lawn -- Easter bunnies in training, I suppose. Some of them hid beneath dark and shiny evergreen bushes, others froze in the middle of the grass like furry little lawn ornaments and I laughed. There was even a blazing shock of fluorescent green over the ocean tonight, just as the sun was extinguished for the night, and I caught myself gasping at the rare beauty of it.
So often in LA I miss the green of my childhood home of Kentucky, the peaceful pastures and abundant trees, and perhaps that is why the color feels like home to me...or perhaps it is because somewhere deep inside, my soul longs for the rolling green hills of my ancestral home. Whatever the reason I gravitate towards it, I am always grateful for a glimpse of green...and I got plenty of them today:)


  1. Easter bunnies in training!! Ha! And yes, the Irish hills are calling to me as well. And even though the rain has brought Irish hills to SoCal... they'll soon be brown and chapped. Get us to Innisfree!!

  2. Too bad we couldn't trade -- a few hills of rolling horse farms for a slice of green-hazed ocean.

  3. The grass IS always greener...haha, that saying has never been so true. Us Angelenos long for green lawns and green trees, while those who are land-locked dream of the ocean breezes and vast beauty of the sea. I love returning to Michigan during the summer and fall to get my fill of that verdant beauty. I know I won't always live in LA so am trying to appreciate the mountains and ocean while I can.


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