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Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Monday, March 1, 2010

hockey, eh?

My son and I managed to somehow emotionally exhaust ourselves watching the US/Canada hockey game this weekend. It was crazy -- he was crying and could barely watch, I was jumping up and down and then euphoria hit when the U.S. scored the tying goal with 27 seconds left in the game. Sure, the game ended in overtime won by those "crappy Canadians" (as my son calls them, got to work on the whole cultural respect thing), but who cares? Wisely, my wife had suggested we not watch the overtime so we were happily eating dinner when the bubble burst and the U.S. finally lost. I realize this makes us pretty shallow fans, but it was nice to turn off the TV and just enjoy the excitement of the moment and say screw it to the final outcome. Sometimes a little guilty joy can be found in the occasional sidestep of the harsh truth:)


  1. Love it!!!! I was the opposite - I only watched the overtime and was screaming my lungs out! And the greatest thing about it was my shock that I wasn't even sad that we lost, that I so enjoyed watching such a great game and was truly happy for the home team. Plus, we were a young team and the underdogs and look how far we came. Plus-PLUS, we beat them at an earlier game so we know we can do it :)

  2. I was going out of my mind! What a great game! And I too found the end result to be pretty satisfying -- after all, hockey is pretty much the only thing those Canucks have :)

  3. What a fabulous perspective! It reminds me of a friend who got a spokesman job for a whole series of commercials. He had a big party when the commercials were testing, knowing it could all be over (and it was) if they didn't test, so, even though the job didn't work out the way he wanted, he still had that great party!


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