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Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good advice

I love this translation of a part of Romans 12 that I was reading today from the J.B. Phillips Bible (written in England in 1958 with input from Phillips' close friend, and one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis):

"When trials come endure them patiently; steadfastly maintain the habit of prayer... And as for those who try to make your life a misery, bless them. Bless and don't curse. Share the happiness of those who are happy and the sorrow of those who are sad. Live in harmony with each other. Don't become snobbish, but take a real interest in ordinary people. Don't become set in your own opinions. Don't pay back a bad turn by a bad turn, to anyone. As far as your responsibility goes, live at peace with everyone... Don't allow yourself to be overpowered by evil. Take the offensive -- overpower evil with good!"

Great advice on how to live a life of joy:) I love the part about not being snobbish and taking an interest in ordinary people...such an interesting way to put it. Overpower evil with good! Yes yes!


  1. Humility: the virtue lest traveled towards the path of grace.

    "Ordinary people"...? Such unintentional snobs we can be.

  2. I agree V.L...I am noticing it more and more and trying to change my ways -- it's that moths to the flame thing how we seek out the "best and brightest" to associate ourselves with, but in so doing we can miss out on what is real and right in front of us every day. How extraordinary the ordinary can be if we learn to take a real interest, like the writer says.

  3. This is great stuff... "how extraordinary the ordinary can be" sounds like Buechner....

  4. Wow, that may be the coolest thing anyone's ever said to me...quite a humbling comparison. Thanks, Buddy:)

  5. Our Lord bathed not the feet of his disciples 'or their charm(s) nor social standing. And I'm fairly certain that them thar ordinary folks were, in fact, quite un-extraordinary by modern, overachieving, clever-frenzied, aggressively successful, soulless, conveniently spiritual do-gooders.

    I've had more authentic interactions with Taliban detainees than most "important" "powerful" jerkoffs I've briefed in Washington or debated with in the Hollywood yoga-mat totting, "I smiled at a homeless man today" twittering, texting, moving heads on their way to consumerville crowd. Never mind the smug-smart tweedy intellectuals always ready and willing to remind you how superior their intellect be.

    These days I seem to find more hope an solice amongst the meek and authentic (nary a Prius driving one in the lot)

    Only elitist say things like "ordinary people".

    And btw,
    I still love you -- very largely :)

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