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Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ice water on St. Paddy's

Last night, after a haggard 12-hour day at work, I was thankful to conclude St. Paddy's day with my dad, my best friend, and my youngest brother-in-law at the local Irish Pub (Beef O'Brady's -- does that count?) Even though I was feeling too sickly for a Guinness, I endured the insults from our waiter for drinking a tall frosty mug of ice water and realized good company can be as good for the soul on green day as good brew. Well, close anyway;)


  1. Beef O'Brady's -- hahaha! I'm so glad you and Dad always get to raise a pint (even if it's water...I had wine, not very festive) on St. Paddy's...what a wonderful tradition. Hopefully one of these days soon we can all toast to Ireland IN Ireland! :)

  2. You neglected to mention that you had TWO tall frosty mugs of ice water, as Scott and I kept pace with the REAL frosty mugs; or that we (minus said youngest brother-in-law, who abandoned our revelry after receiving a phone call promising some more promising moments at the movie theater), closed the place down (at 11pm, proving beyond doubt that Beef O's is obviously NOT an Irish pub-did I mention they ran out of Guinness mugs...and they weren't even packed), not in a drunken stupor singing Irish jigs, but in the glow of weary-but-sated travelers, exploring the virtues of haiku (can you dance an Irish jig to a Japanese haiku? Sounds blasphemous both ways) and listening to God. What a "Happy Lent" moment...St Patrick, the cleric, would have been proud of us!

    A lunar month in,
    Green-coated laughter and song
    Challenge the lent moon. ;-D


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