Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working in MS

This morning it was raining, and by this afternoon the sun was out, the skies clear and the air balmy and warm. I am having a splendid week on the Gulf Coast helping with Katrina Relief. We have been tiling floors all week, and I have learned a lot, and am totally exhausted, but it's such a lovely break from all the mental exhaustion I usually deal with, that the tired, achy muscles and dry hands (from all the washing up and the mortar you use under the tile) feel really good. I am grateful that I am healthy enough to participate in this way, and for all the staff here who contribute to making this a wonderful experience. Who make it even possible for me to be here by providing a place to sleep, 3 fabulous meals a day (and I have been eating like the proverbial horse!) and construction supervisors to teach us skills and help us find ways to be truly useful. I am grateful for the kind hospitality of the family whose home we are working on; the lady of the house cooked us two amazing home cooked lunches at the beginning of the week. We all felt so guilty, we kind of begged off the last two days -- we didn't want her to feel she had to make us lunch! -- but I so appreciate the effort she went to to thank us for being here. We are surrounded by young people -- college kids and Americorps volunteers, some brought in by Habitat, some here for Lutheran and Episcopal Services in MS -- and I am so grateful for their enthusiasm and caring, that they are spending their spring break building houses! I think it bodes very well for our future. And finally, today, I am grateful for this little opportunity to share with you all what I'm up to, to touch base with home when I am far away. See you Sunday, Kara!


  1. I did Habitat for Humanity in Mississippi when I was in college, I totally know what you mean about being so exhausted but so inspired! It was one of my favorite weeks. We stayed in a church basement and people cooked us meals and we were so embraced by the community. I hope to do it again and I'm so glad to live vicariously through your stories, thanks for sharing and thanks for helping out!

  2. Oh! I had no idea you were there this week! Where does time go? You are so amazing and I am inspired by how you continually give of yourself. Thank you for the update and I can't wait to see you Sunday:)


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