Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Monday, April 12, 2010

If Icarus could see us now

I'm thankful that my husband is home and I'm grateful that everything feels better when he's here. I'm also thankful I got to witness a joyful moment on my way to the airport to pick him up. I was actually early, so I went to the In and Out and parked right under the flight path for the landing planes. It's quite a rush when they roar so close over head and I love to marvel at what an amazing achievement flight is. For how many centuries where humans earthbound, and now we take to the skies so often we can take it for granted, loathe it even. I liked to think about all the people on the planes as they made their approach, people from all over the country and the world and I waved a welcome. I heard an exhilarated cheer behind me and looked to see a small boy on his father's shoulders, arms raised high in the air, shouting with excitement as the jets zoomed by. It was such a beautiful moment between them that I felt like an intruder watching, but I couldn't help but feel the thrill myself, wanting to be free enough to throw my hands high in the air and yell "Yeah!" like that little kid. It's a pretty cool thing when you can see the magical in the ordinary. It's just a machine, just physics -- and yet I sat there beaming with some sort of ancient pride in knowing that somehow, we finally figured it out.

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  1. Travel is far too often taken for granted -- dreaded even. The long lines, the hidden expenses, the delays, the taking off of shoes, the snoring neighbor, the crying baby, the lost luggage... sure, those things can be annoying... but how cool is it that we get to fly. FLY! From the LA desert to the Colorado Rockies in 2 hours! Thank you for making me appreciate that through the eyes of a kid on his dad's shoulders :)


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