Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow Dogs!!

They LOVE it:)


  1. Ya got ten weeks to get 'em ready... mush!

  2. PS~
    Surprised they haven't made a movie about this amazing gal.

    "I have been known to walk in front of my team for 55 miles, with snowshoes, to lead them through storms, in non-racing situations, where I could have just as easily radioed a plane to come and get me."

  3. Haha! That would be awesome. Although, they would want to stop every five minutes to have their bellies scratched, so it might never reach the finish line.

  4. I never knew about that about determination. I am not made of that kind of mettle.

  5. Oh yes you are. Yours is just another kind of mettle.

    Here's another blessing of non self-aggrandizing soulfulness.

  6. PS~
    color, not "kind" of mettle. All three of you have the same kind.