Gratitude is the sign of noble souls ~ Aesop

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ~ Kahlil Gabran

Joy delights in joy ~ William Shakespeare

Friday, May 27, 2011

De-lovely night

Last night we got to go see a friend of mine give a brilliant performance in the hilarious and feel good Broadway musical called ANYTHING GOES that is filled with some of the most AMAZING songs ever written! I mean, I Get a Kick Out of You, You're the Top, Anything Goes and It's De-lovely all in the same musical...crazy! I was having neck and head pain all day, but as it turns out, laughter really is the best medicine, because by the time the show was over I was feeling sooo much better:) Good enough to wander around the Big Apple afterwards and to enjoy a perfect spring night. It was also a joy to walk through a nearly empty Grand Central Station before taking the last train home...


  1. Having incredible House Seats didn't hurt either!
    Loved having Grand Central Terminal (don't let a New Yorker hear you call it a "station") was awesome.

  2. Very, very cool... all those songs just beg for me to sing them. I will be scaring some locals tonight, I have a feeling.

  3. Awesome! I like that photo too, the lights in the upper left background juxtaposed with you in the lower right foreground makes for interesting symmetry/composition.

  4. It is an awesome photo. Andy, I listened to Nocturne the other night. Fantastic music.